Bryanston Conversion

This enormous Bryanston pool – 3m deep at the deep end and 15m long – was built in the 1950s and was is sore need of a facelift. The pool is situated on a rise in the garden and as such is the center point of the garden. The client is a keen gardener of indigenous plants. Consequently, converting this to a successfully planted wetland was very important.

We converted this pool by building a long, slightly stepped, wall down the length of the pool, with a line of stepping stones on top of it. The wetland stretches the length of the pool at the back with a long swimming lane down the front. The deepest end in the wetland was reserved for water lilies and now boasts huge-leafed blue water lilies (Nymphaea nouchalli). Cyperus Papyrus dominas the pool reaching heights of 3m.




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